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Logo Design

Don't get stuck on a logo! Oftentimes, the average person believes that a logo is a brand. This is not the case! A logo reflects an experience or relationship that a person connects with a brand. This means a strong logo is important, but it is a small piece of a large brand!

Mirror Mirror Brand ID.jpg
Mirror Mirror Salon
Logos & branding guide created for Mirror Mirror Salon located in Erie, PA.
Revive Conference
Non-profit Christian leadership conference that takes place in South Central Pennsylvania
Basic Brand Guide.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 4.17.40 AM.png
Concept logo for a full-time ministry that is in currently in the birthing phase.
Foster Academy
1-on-1 soccer coaching academy run and operated by Chase Foster.
Foster Academy ID.jpg
Gem City Youth
Proposed brand & logo change for Elevate YTH at Elevate Church in Erie, Pa.
Fire On 40
A week-long ministry training initiative for young people hungry to see their world changed.
Josiah Lowe Full Logo.png
Josiah Lowe
Member of Enoch Flow Records, Josiah Lowe, artist logos.
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